Media Relations

Boiled down to its essential elements, media relations is quite simple: It’s about understanding the needs of the media and accommodating those needs efficiently. With account executives that have also been on the receiving end of a media release, FHPR offers hands-on experience and firsthand knowledge of how to best serve the media while improving clients’ public visibility. Building a good relationship with the media is no different from building any other relationship. It takes time, dedication and most of all, respect. At FHPR, we are proud to call many members of the media our friends.

Social and Multi-Media Management

Social media is an important part of today’s media landscape and an essential aspect of all communications programs. A company and/or brand’s online presence matters. FHPR can bring your online and social media presence to life by creating the content you need to keep your company active on social media. We can also create accounts and pages for you on the appropriate platforms as well as maintain them.

Community Relationsphoto_1_st-_francis_xavier_environmental_community_service_award

Often, the best PR is through word of mouth, and nothing spreads the word faster than community involvement. We understand that the right collaboration, with a non-profit, business or media partner, can expand a client’s constituency base and enhance visibility for both the client and the partner. Through valuable outreach campaigns and charitable community relations programs, FHPR provides you with opportunities for supporting public causes. The result is a win-win campaign for everyone involved.

Public Relations Strategy

In a competitive business environment, creating and maintaining a strong, visible image through public relations is essential for any company. At FHPR, our approach to PR is pro-active, not just reactive.  FHPR develops strategic public relations plans and creative campaigns for individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations. We work to understand your mission and develop its key messages in a program that includes, publicity, media relations, community relations, special events and more.

Special Events

dsc_5570_copy-261x300One of the most creative (and perhaps one of our favorite) aspects of public relations is finding new ways to deliver a client’s message. Special events, with the proper angle or approach, can attract desirable media attention. FHPR plans special events with fresh, cutting edge strategies that bring your image or message to life. Often our events are collaborative, pairing you with non-profit organizations that can also benefit from the publicity. In the hands of our dedicated team, your special event can be both innovative and memorable.

Talent Management

FHPR’s Sharla Feldscher offers talent management services for an individual performer or a group guiding professional careers. Responsibilities range from overseeing day-to-day business affairs of an artist to advising and counseling on professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect their career. Image development is always considered and new opportunities are sought for expanding awareness, constituencies and collaborative partners. This includes networking to build a fan base and potential partners, broadcast opportunities, charitable affiliations and much more. Public relations services are available making this talent arrangement unique and beneficial in many ways.