Press Releases

Shelley Beard Santore Wins 2018 Ovation Award

Eight Students in PYO Accepted Into Carnegie Hall’s National Youth Ensembles in Summer 2018

PYO 78th Festival Concert and Ovation Award

11th Annual PRYSM Festival Concert

Tune Up Philly’s 8th Annual Festival Concert at Temple Performing Arts Center

PYMO Presents 2nd Annual Festival Concert

PYAO Performs 23rd Annual Festival Concert

Louis Scaglione and St. Peter’s of Great Valley Honored by St. James

PYO Auditions for 2018-2019 Season

PYO Announces Winner of Their National Young Composers Competition- First Place Winner Kevin Day

PYO Students Recognized in the School District of Philadelphia’s 201-18 All-City Concerto Competition

Bravo Brass Presents “Bach On Brass” Concert at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Burlington, NJ

Bravo Brass Concert “Bach ON Brass” at St. Mark’s Church

PYO Concert Conducted by Maestro Louis Scaglione

PYO 5th Annual Ovation Award for Inspiration and Outstanding Leadership in Music Education

Philadelphia Region Youth String Music (PRYSM) Perform Concert at The Haverford School

Philadelphia Young Musicians Orchestra to Perform in Upcoming Concert at Temple Performing Arts Center

Tune Up Philly Concert Features Traditional Folk Melodies

PYO Students Performed in Walt Disney World Nov. 2017 as Part of the National Association for Music Education

“Twas the Brass Before Christmas” with Bravo Brass

Bravo Brass Holiday Concert “Twas the Brass Before Christmas”

PYAO’s Opening Concert

PYO Performs First Concert of the 2017-2018 Season

PYO and The Philadelphia Orchestra Pair for Unique Side-By-Side Rehearsal

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra 17-18 Season

PYO Continues Successful Young Composers Competition in 2017-2018 Season

The NATAS Mid-Atlantic Regional EMMY Award Presented to WHYY-TV’s Arts Producer Karen Smyles for “A Passion for Music”

Auditions for the 2017-2018 PYO

PYO Recognizes Seven students Who Participated in the 2017 National Youth Orchestra

Dimitri Kauriga Wins 2017 Ovation Award

Free PYO Concert for Tune Up Philly’s 7th Annual Festival Concert

Sarina Marone Selected for the 2017 AQF Scholarship

PYO Proudly Presents 77th Annual Festival Concert

PYMO Inaugural Festival Concert-5-27

PYO’s Bravo Brass Ensemble Showcase Their Skills in “Brass On Stage” at 14th Annual Festival

PYAO Performs Its 22nd Annual Festival Concert Featuring Young Artists Solo Competition Winner

Two PYO Students, Antonis Christou and Peirce Ellis, Selected for NYO2, National Youth Orchestra 2

Talented Philadelphia Region Youth string Music Musicians (PYRSM) Conducted by Gloria DePasquale at the 10th Annual Festival

PYMO Presents Its Inaugural Festival Concert

PYO Announces Auditions for 2017-2018 Season

PYO Inaugural Composers Competition Winners Announcement

7 PYO Students Selected for National Youth Orchestra (NYO)

PYO’s Nolan Wenik Receives Bard College Scholarship

Phila. Young Artists Orchestra concert at Kimmel Center

PYO’s Bravo Brass Ensemble Presents “Ye Olde Brass” Concert at St. Mark’s Church in Philadelphia, PA

PYO Ovation Award for Inspiration and Outstanding Leadership in Music Education

PYO Alumna Hannah Nicholas Named Principal Viola in Central City Opera Orchestra

2017 PYO Gala Dinner and Concert Features Three ensemble Performances with Special Guest Violinist Rachel Segal and Celebration of 20th Anniv. of Maestro Louis Scaglione

PYO’s Brave Brass Ensemble Presents “Ye Olde Brass” concert On Return Performance at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Burlington, NJ

PYO’s Associate Concertmaster, Stephanie Van Duijin Receives $7,500 Big Arts Sanibel Classical Music Scholarship

Talented Young Philadelphia Region Youth String Music Musicians (PRYSM) Showcase Their Talent at the Haverford School

10 Students from PYO Named to the School District of Philadelphia’s All City Music Program

WRTI Broadcast, PYO Conducted by Maestro Louis Scaglione

PYO Receives First Grant from William Penn Foundation

Music Students from PYO are the Rotary Club of Pottstown Winners of 7th Annual Performing Arts Scholarship Competition

PYO Shares Gratification in Students Selected for the 2016 National Association for Music Education All-National Honor Ensembles

Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra 2016-2017 Season Opening Concert

Bravo Bass, The All-Brass Ensemble of the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Performs music of the Season at the Church of Holy Trinity

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Announces New Trustee of Board, Lydia Ogden, Ph.D., MPP

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Announces New Trustee of Board, Chris Rinaldi

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Performs at The Kimmel Center

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Plans Full Year of Performances for 2016-2017

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Introduces 2016-2017 Young Composers Competition

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Honored to Receive Philadelphia Cultural Fund Youth Arts Enrichment Grant

Auditions for the 2016-2017 Philadelphia Youth Orchestra

Kevin Gifford Announced as New Development Director of PYO

3rd Annual Ovation Finalists Release 2016

TUP Concert May 21 2016

Sarina Marone – Harpist and Role Model at 16

PYO September 2016 Auditions

PYO Spring Calendar Highlights with PYO Photo


PYO Ovation Award 2016

PYO Gala

PYO Concert with Guest Artist Kerri Ryan (With Photo)

PYO 2016-1017 Auditions Press Release

PYAO Concert February 28 2016

Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra Caps 2015-16 Season with 21st Annual Festival Concert 

9th Annual PRYSM Festival Concert Conducted by Gloria de Pasquale and Jessica Villante

PRYSM and PRSYM YA Haverford Concert February 2016

NYO 2016 Announcement of PYO students

Kevin Gifford Announced as New Development Director of PYO

PYO 76th Annual Festival Concert

Jennifer Jie Jin is PYO’s Ovation Grand Prize Winner (With Photos)

Hyerin Kim Selected by Yamaha

Bravo Brass St. Mary’s Burlington

Bravo Brass St. Marks Philadelphia

Bravo Brass June 4, 2016

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City Suburban News 7-25-18

Philly Voice 7-19-18

Akili Plays at Carnegie Hall 7-19-18

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Main Line Media News 5-30-18

City Suburban News 6-2 Concert 5-23-18

Broadway World 5-23-18

Louis Scaglione recognized st. james 5-16-18

City Suburban News 5-26 Concert 5-16-18

Broadway World Pennsylvania 6-2 Concert 5-15-18

Broadway World LA Philharmonic Program 5-14-18

Morning Call PYO Auditions 5-10-18

City Suburban News 5-12 Concert 5-9-18

Broadway World Pennsylvania 5-26 Concert 5-9-18

Broadway World PYAO Concert 5-3-18

Broadway World PRYSM 5-1-18

Morning Call – Auditions 4-27-18

Broadway World Season Auditions 4-20-18

Philadelphia Style — Gala 4-13-18 3-22-18

City Suburban News Showcase 3-21-18

Broadway World – Composer Competition – 3-21-18

Hockessin Community News 3-21-18

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Broadway World 3-12-18

City Suburban News Bravo Brass 2-28-18

Cherry Hill — PYO 2-25-18

Inquirer, 2-25 concert 2-23-18

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Bach On Brass Broadway World 2-22-18

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Bach On Brass Broadway World 2-22-18

University City Review 2-21-18 2-16-18

Philadelphia Tribune — Ovation Award Announcement 2-16-18

PYO Concert With Louis Combined Patch.coms 2-8-18

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Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra Concert Combined’s 2-7-18

Broadway World 2-18 Concert 1-31-18

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Burlington County Times 12-13-17

City Suburban News PYAO Opening 12-7-17 Ardmore Brass Before Christmas 12-5-17 Bryn Mawr Brass Before Christmas 12-5-17 Cherry Hill Bravo Brass Burlington 12-5-17 Chestnut Hill Brass Before Christmas 12-5-17 Collingswood Bravo Brass Burlington 12-5-17 Roxborough Brass Before Christmas 12-5-17 Philadelphia Bravo Brass Burlington 12-5-17 Philadelphia Brass Before Christmas 12-5-17 Narberth Brass Before Christmas 12-5-17 Moorestown Bravo Brass Burlington 12-5-17 Haverford Brass Before Christmas 12-5-17 Haddonfield Bravo Brass Burlington 12-5-17 Deptford Bravo Brass Burlington 12-5-17 Combined Bravo Brass Burlington 12-5-17 Combined Brass Before Christmas 12-5-17

OMG — It’s Glorious! It’s Free — Bravo Brass in Burlington – by Dan Circucci

Broadway World Burlington NJ 12-4-17 Bravo Brass Night Before Christmas 11-30-17 Ardmore PYAO Opening Concert 11-29-17 Bryn Mawr PYAO Opening Concert 11-29-17 Roxborough PYAO Opening Concert 11-29-17 Philadelphia PYAO Opening Concert 11-29-17 Narberth Opening Concert 11-29-17 Moorestown PYAO Opening Concert 11-29-17 Haverford PYAO Opening Concert 11-29-17 Haddonfield PYAO Opening Concert 11-29-17 Chestnut Hill PYAO Opening Concert 11-29-17 Cherry Hill PYAO Opening Concert 11-29-17 Cherry Hill PYAO Opening Concert 11-29-17

Broadway World PYAO 11-21-17

Reading Eagle 11-15-17

Dover Post 11-13-17 PYO 1st concert of the season 11-9-17 PYO Season Announcement 10-19-17 Ardmore Season Announcement 10-19-17 Bryn Mawr Season Announcement 10-19-17 Cherry Hill Season Announcement 10-19-17 Chestnut Hill Season Announcement 10-19-17 Haddonfield Season Announcement 10-19-17 Haverford Season Announcement 10-19-17 Moorestown Season Announcement 10-19-17 Narbert Season Announcement 10-19-17 Phila Season Announcement 10-19-17 Roxborough Season Announcement 10-19-17

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Lower Moreland 10-16-17

Inside Philanthropy – 10-16-17

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Ardmore 10-16-17

Abington 10-16-17

Abington 9-29-17

Ardmore 9-29-17

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Hatboro 9-29-17

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Broadway World ovation Award 6-14-17

Billy Penn 6-14-17

Bucks County Alive 6-13-17

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PYO & NYO Montgomeryville Patch 6-5-17

PYO & NYO Narbeth Patch 6-5-17

PYO & NYO Philly Patch 6-5-17

Broad Street Review 6-5-17 Concert 5-30-17

6abc Loves the Arts — Phila. Youth Orchestra 77th Annual Festival Concert 5-28-17

Broadway World TUP 5-12-17

Philly Tribune Auditions 5-12-17

Morning Call Auditions 4-29-17

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Chronicle of Philanthropy about Mellon Foundation grant 2-8-17

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Broadway World – Stephanie’s Big Arts Scholarship 1-12-17

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