Media Connection Leads to Big Things for Children’s Playhouse

The Queen of Children’s Playhouse!


Damaris Alvarado-Rodriguez, owner of Children’s Playhouse Early Learning Centers


Sharla always appreciates the opportunity to meet members of the media. Recently, the Philadelphia Public Relations Association had a Community Media virtual program, and it literally changed our client’s life.

Sharla met Nigel Thompson of Al Dia newspaper. During the program, she sent him a chat message and mentioned our client, Damaris Alvarado-Rodriguez, who owns two childcare centers in South Philadelphia – Children’s Playhouse Early Learning Centers. Nigel and Sharla continued to email and an interview was arranged.

Well, that interview turned into much more and Damaris is so grateful. Shortly after the interview, Damaris learned that she was nominated for the Al Dia Women of Merit Award in the Entrepreneurship category. She thought Sharla must have nominated her, but she didn’t. It was Nigel! Damaris was so honored to be included with about 20 other nominees. It wasn’t long after, we learned she WON the Award. She is overwhelmed and so appreciative.

In addition, Damaris is forming a new company – Innovative Education Consulting Services, focusing on Latin childcare providers. One day, Damaris expressed to Sharla how important playing chess has always been to her. She believed she learned strategic thinking through the chess pieces. She particularly loved the queen. Sharla talked to the graphic designer creating her logo and a few days later they saw options for the logo. She really loved them as they included the queen.

The same day she selected the logo, her story in Al Dia came out in print as the cover story! And, totally coincidentally, the headline is THE QUEEN OF CHILDREN’S PLAYHOUSE! …… The reporter knew nothing about the logo. It’s so perfect!

PR Results:

At the end of March, Damaris will be honored with the Women of Merit Award, a memory she says she will always treasure. And, she’ll have this cover story in Al Dia! If it weren’t for PPRA’s program, it would not have happened. We couldn’t be happier for our client!

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