As the author of several books, columns, articles and broadcast media features entitled KIDFUN, Sharla Feldscher is an expert in creating opportunities for children of all ages. She has written seven books that focus on easy-to-do activities to share with children who are two to eight years of age. Two of her KIDFUN Activity books were published by HarperCollins and translated in Russian and German. For several years, she wrote newspaper columns for the Phila. Daily News and the Jewish Exponent that involved children of all ages who were Kid Reporters, reviewers, advisers and more. Sharla also wrote for many magazines including Grade Teacher Magazine, New York Family, LA Family and South Jersey Moms. She was a frequent guest on television offering creative ideas to share with young children. Please visit

Sharla presents KIDFUN programs providing tips to parents, teachers, babysitters – anyone who cares for young children. Her programs are often hands-on learning and play sessions so all guests walk away with experiences that they remember and share with children. The programs are also available for intergenerational groups who come to hang out and play together – adding joyful memories to all of their lives.

“Young People with Big Hearts” is another aspect of the KIDFUN division of Feldscher Horwitz Public Relations where the firm serves as pro bono publicists for children who help the community. We will enhance a young person’s altruistic endeavors with new ideas and opportunities, and the firm will write releases about them to gain positive attention of these well-meaning young people.  

From Stephanie, who at age 11 had a Book Drive and collected almost 5,000 books for a nearby Ronald MacDonald House to Emily, who, as a teenager created a philanthropy program of collecting unused instruments to donate to children in need of musical support. For many years, Feldscher Horwitz Public Relations has worked with Rocco Fiorentino, blind jazz musician and humanitarian. Rocco appeared on Sesame Street relieving Elmo’s discomfort about his blindness and demonstrating to the children of the world that having a disability doesn’t have to hold one back from success. Rocco sang a jazz tune with the cast.  See Rocco on Sesame Street:

Feldscher Horwitz Public Relations takes great pride in making kids feel like stars and sharing how great young people really are.

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