How You Can Use Public Relations to Add to Your Marketing Efforts

The world of online marketing is a part of every company’s business strategy. After all, an online presence is an imperative for all companies and organizations.  

Many businesses attempt to get away with the bare minimum. They have a basic website. They occasionally post on social media. Maybe they have a blog they periodically update. These businesses are missing many opportunities to compete successfully in today’s world.

If you understand the value of online marketing and the need to be relevant, current, and fresh, keep reading. You likely dedicate time and money to maintaining a current website, blogs, social media posts, and even newsletters or email blasts. The only thing you may be missing is useful public relations (PR) activities. PR can help you reach new audiences you may not have realized  were missing.

It’s very likely you are already newsworthy. Perhaps, you’ve added a new service, created a worthwhile community event or recognition program or give back to the community in other ways. You may have hired a new, top-notch employee. These are just some of the stories that PR professionals love to tell. That’s their responsibility – to help you get the word out to your customer base and others about what is happening. But, there could be more stories worth sharing – like a valued employee who is a volunteer for an important cause or who has a fascinating hobby. PR consultants know what to look for while most business people don’t.

How Can PR Increase Your Internet Presence?

A well-run PR campaign does more than get you press, it’s a marketing goldmine. It raises your company’s profile by highlighting your successes (both in business and in the community). It provides content for your social media accounts and presence. It provides great content for your website, newsletter, and more. It increases your online presence and helps you reach a broader audience.

Additionally, you can utilize each published article and television clip in your social media campaigns as well as provide a backlink (links from other reputable websites to your website, news article, or blog). This provides new and relevant content on your website. You can even use these published articles in your email campaigns. Each time you post and share these articles, you reach a broader audience.

These PR successes that appear in newspapers, online, on television or on the radio also give your company the benefit of organic marketing through Google; it builds your SEO. Building Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is invaluable for a business but, to the amateur, can be quite confusing. To have good SEO, you need to follow Google’s ever-changing rules and suggestions, including having new content regularly. A company’s PR successes, media clips for example, can give Google the content it wants when finding results of a search.

The more these cycles occur, the better your internet presence becomes. This type of organic marketing requires a well-managed PR campaign created by an experienced PR company.

How Can You Relate to Your Client Base?

Many business owners are unaware of how community service helps build community trust for their business. It really helps others get to know you and your business. You should remember that you are part of a community – you may be volunteers or involved in school activities. Your potential client base could be by your side at these events. Do they really know you and what you do? They may know your business name and its reputation but not much more.  help people by offering services and products they believe in. Their kids go to the same schools

A well-run public relations campaign can help demonstrate your ability to relate to other members of the community on a personal level. People that may not even know your store or business exists may seek you out because they read an article about you that showcased your commitment to the community. All of a sudden, you are a human, not a business. Your new customer now knows you, more personally, and values the personal contribution you’ve made to your community.  

Furthermore, a PR campaign and its successes highlight your expertise. The more you appear as an expert and an important resource, the more you will be heard and respected for your thoughts. They may even link to your website as an expert resource for a topic they are presenting on their website.

If you are looking to add public relations to your marketing efforts, you need a team you can trust. You need a PR team that will work with you to communicate your messages while expanding your reach. You need the team at Feldscher Horwitz Public Relations to make your public relations dreams a reality. Sharla Feldscher, Hope Horwitz and Wendi Schweiger are committed volunteers in their communities. They have created a myriad of community relations campaigns for clients. Call today at 215.627.0801 to learn more about how PR can help your company grow. Visit


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