A Chance to Get Personal with the Ladies of FHPR

If you have ever looked to work with a PR team, you may have felt overwhelmed by the available choices. Every PR team tells you they are the best. Every PR team dedicates themselves to your company’s success.

Yet, every PR team is not the team of Feldscher Horwitz Public Relations. This family-owned, all-female public relations team brings a unique ability to promote your events and business while having fun! Hope, Sharla, and Wendi are always smiling while they work, finding ways to make even the most difficult moments a fun adventure!

So, what is it that makes this PR power team work so well together? Who are these amazing women, and why are they the PR team to bring on board your business venture?

So, Who Makes up the FHPR Team?

The women of FHPR bring over 40 years of PR expertise to the table for every job and every client. Sharla began her career over 40 years ago as the first-ever PR Director of Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. Her love of children made it a natural fit.

In 1984, Sharla opened her own PR firm so she could become the PR consultant to Sesame Place. She and Big Bird got to have over 26 years of fun together, promoting every new character and event to grace the nation’s only theme park based on Sesame Street.

As a PR expert’s daughter, Hope got to tag along with her mother from the very beginning. She learned to love PR before she had her first school dance. Her first career was public relations. She majored in it in college.

Then, she moved onto event planning because you can’t follow in your mom’s footsteps, right?

In all honesty, she went into event planning because she loved that aspect of PR the most. She spent 15 years creating events. Most of the events had the common goal of fundraising. However, she also created events geared towards other purposes, such as promoting a business or product, presenting awards, and other, efforts outside of fundraising.

Once her youngest daughter was born, Hope knew she wanted to explore other creative avenues available through public relations. She knew teaming up with her mom was the best for her, her family, and ultimately her clients.

And then along came Wendi. Wendi had worked in advertising for over 20 years before her third baby was born. After spending some time home with her three children, Wendi was ready to bring her special brand of marketing to the world of PR. She met Hope, and they instantly hit it off. The rest is history.
As a team, these women are dedicated to giving the perfect end-product to their clients. They work hard to ensure their expertise shines through in every promotion they create to reach their real goal – helping their clients shine!

What Makes These Amazing Women Love What They Do?

The truth is that PR is an exciting business. It involves promoting events, people, and businesses to help them find success. What’s not to love about working in PR?
As Wendi expressed, each day is a surprise. PR means you work to find the newsworthy aspects of an event or occurrence and hope the media finds it compelling. And while the team of FPHR is very good at their job of making everything they touch be of value to the press, the media sources can be fickle. While rare, they can ignore or reject a pitch.

But this rejection doesn’t mean the team fails. It means they are back to the drawing board to find another angle and get the media to pick it up faster than a hundred-dollar bill. The constant element of excitement when a PR piece is picked up makes coming to work a daily adventure.

And the excitement is contagious. When one team member finds success, they all feel personally rewarded and work that much harder towards the next success.

What Is the Most Important Thing to Remember as a PR Representative?

The women of FHPR have one golden rule when working with their clients. These women are mothers, businesspeople and entrepreneurs. Therefore, they have learned one lesson they use throughout life and bring to the table for each and every client and event.

The golden rule is to listen. Listen to their client, hear their fears, concerns, wants, and needs. Clients are invited to share their dreams and educate the team about their business.

It is the PR team’s job to listen to them and then help them reach their goal through a newly developed PR campaign. The team at Feldscher Horwitz Public Relations understands this rule and lives it with every client and campaign.

Getting to Know Each Other!

Do you want to get to know the team behind FHPR? They’d like to know you, hear from you and answer your questions. If you have any thoughts about running a PR campaign, please call 215.627.0801. They’ll listen, brainstorm and see how they can help.

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