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At Feldscher Horwitz Public Relations, we always go above and beyond. Based in the Greater Philadelphia area, our team provides PR services that are uniquely tailored to your organization’s needs. Whether you are seeking help with media relations, publicity, special events or community relations, we work to maximize your opportunities and deliver results. We specialize in bringing that extra flair and personal touch that makes our partners stand out.

Energize Your Business with a Spark of Creativity

We understand that effective communication needs to grab the attention of the media and its audience. FHPR will work with you to infuse energy and vitality into your messaging and help spark enthusiasm for your organization’s mission in the media and broader community.

Connecting the Dots to Brand Recognition

Creating partnerships and expanding your network can open up a world of opportunities for your company. FHPR connects your vision and mission with like-minded businesses and non-profits who share your passions. We build the relationships you need to help your PR aspirations come to life.

Creativity Without Boundaries

FHPR will infuse your communications with just the right amount of creativity and enthusiasm. We create events and experiences that will make you stand out. We will find your ‘wow’ factor and turn it into something effective, unexpected, and awe-inspiring.

Your story needs to be told!

Chances are you are already doing something the media would love to know about. FHPR thinks with the eye of the journalist and will turn what seems ordinary to you, into an extraordinary story. Think of FHPR as your off-site, in-house agency. On call and at your disposal, no one will know your organization better!

FHPR was created by Sharla Feldscher in 1984, and continues to reign as one of the region’s leading public relations firms. As a name that is well recognized, we work with clients spanning many different industries from non-profits to big business, to tourism and entertainment, health care and education. Our relationship with our clients is at the center of everything we do. We approach helping you build your business the same way we built ours; with creative energy and unbounded enthusiasm!

Two heads are better than one! Sharla Feldscher and her daughter, Hope Horwitz, have teamed up. Sharla has been providing unique PR services for over 30 years and began when her kids were young. Because of this, Hope has been raised in the world of Public Relations, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Hope has worked with non-profit organizations as an event planner and fundraiser for 15 years, always bringing a bit of PR to what she’s accomplished. With their own sparkling style, Sharla and Hope will provide you with PR services that go above and beyond. Together, along with their dedicated staff, they will bring expanded visibility and positive results to your business.

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